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Smart Planning

Does your Environmental and/or Social team have a clear direction and objectives regardless of day-to-day distractions and demands?

Smart Planning is an innovative product developed by SmartAccEss that consists in facilitated workshops to define a 3-year strategy for environmental and/or social aspects of the business, including key objectives and goals which are clearly aligned with the main business objectives. The service includes development of a strategic plan and actions plans, which derives in a control panel (scorecard) to measure and report the progress in the implementation of the plan.

Smart Socio Environmental Performance

Does your company have a way to translate environmental and/or social performance into numbers to provide objective indicators of management system outcomes?

Tool developed by SmartAccEss that provides an objective and numeric measurement of environmental and/or social performance for both the company as a whole and for each specific functional area, defining objectives and goals to be achieved. This tool provides the opportunity to make necessary adjustments in a preventive and timely manner, avoiding non-compliance issues as well as complaints from external stakeholders.

Smart Exploration

Does your company have the necessary systems to carry out exploration in a way that guarantees successful social and environmental management?

At SmartAccEss, we have developed Smart Exploration, an easy-to-use tool designed especially for exploration-stage companies. This tool, which recognizes that exploration companies operate on a limited budget, helps to optimize results and support key exploration objectives in the smartest way possible, understanding that the exploration phase lays the foundation for future relations between company and community.

The first contact between a company and local communities occurs during the initial phases of exploration. At this stage, an exploration company usually operates under a constrained budget, which makes the collection and compilation of social and environmental information difficult. In some cases, this valuable information is lost over time, resulting in a lack of project continuity if management or project ownership changes.  The information obtained during the exploration phase helps guarantee the efficient and positive transition to the next stage of project development.

Having properly compiled and organized information optimizes an exploration company’s activities and objectives, affording:

  1. A sustainable relationship with communities regardless of project ownership, adding value to the project by offering the possibility of transferring this vital information to another company in case of acquisition or sale.
  2. The smart management of well-organized information, which helps train company staff and facilitates clearly-defined, active social and environmental management systems that comply with legal standards and requirements in an effective and timely manner.